DEMO15 Joe (Zeph) Thibodeau – Chronogenica

Chronogenica is a research-creation project that uses bureaucracy to define human-machine relationships in the context of a worker’s collective. It is a response to the urgent need to live differently with nonhumans of all kinds—for their sake, and for the sake of humanity’s continued existence. The lack of dignity and agency afforded to machines is reflected in a culture of consumption and disposability that devalues machine and human workers (or “human resources”) alike. Chronogenica defies the status quo by establishing a culture of mutual care and collaboration towards machines, protecting it with a body of legal and organizational bureaucracy.

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CALLS: Rencontres interdisciplinaires EMERGENCE/Y 2022

Hexagram’s 2021-2022 Interdisciplinary season programming on the theme EMERGENCE/Y launched last September at the Ars Electronica Festival, following an initial call for projects. Hexagram presented a series of synchronous and asynchronous streaming-based events specifically curated and produced for the Festival. Over 50 co-investigator members, student members and Hexagram collaborators, as well as their collaborators, presented their most recent work, research and contributed insightful live discussions to the four-day programme.

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DEMO14 Puneet Jain – Umwelten

November 2021

While most of us are still stacked next to each other in rectangles on our computer screens during the Coronavirus pandemic, the work Umwelten asks us to reconsider the futures that we had planned for. Umwelten invites a human, a machine learning algorithm, and a plant to meet once again to question and reformulate our relationships with one another through an exchange – a sensory exchange where our “Umwelts ” entangle, overlap, and are morphed with one another.

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