Call for applications to Hexagram’s Executive Committee

The executive committee of Hexagram calls for applications from student members to fill three vacant positions.

The mandate of the executive committee is to :

  • ensure the proper operation and management of the Network;
  • help harmonize operations between members and partner institutions;
  • create the programming committees and appoint members, while providing representation that is as fair as possible of partner institutions: UQAM, Concordia and at least one other partner institution;
  • determine the operating rules of the committees that it sets up and oversees;
  • support the appointment of co-investigators;
  • assess their contributions;
  • develop membership policies;
  • assess authorization requests;
  • carry out the triennial review of co-investigators’ statuses.

These are paid positions, at 150$ per meeting (the Executive Committee meets approximately every 6 weeks).

For more information about the governance of the network, read the Hexagram Bylaws.

Applications should be sent to including your most recent CV and a short letter of motivation. Deadline is March 1st, 2021.

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