Share and disseminate your research and creations through DEMO

Hexagram is inviting all co-investigators and student members of the network to apply for support towards outreach and dissemination of their research-creation activities.

What is the DEMO program?
DEMO is the interuniversity research-creation residency program, one of the main programs put in place by Hexagram to support and promote collaboration in research, through short stays in research groups and labs or collaborating organizations in spaces of practice affiliated with Hexagram.

About this call
The current context has had an impact on the program of residencies planned with our partner institutions, therefore Hexagram wishes to support co-investigators and student members to communicate and interact with the scientific community and the public about the work they have carried out throughout 2020 and 2021, their results, their approach, in order to foster interest and a better understanding of research-creation. This is an outreach support initiative for activities planned and/or for the presentation of research-creation; the program does not entail creation grants.

Format of proposals
DEMOs must lead to production of media content (short videos, podcasts, photos, etc.) which will be disseminated and archived on the Network’s website. This documentation can be produced in the framework of an outreach activity initiated by the researcher or it can be part of the programming of an external organization, for example, if a presentation is accepted in response to a call from our partners, a cultural organization or a research center. Any other format for presentation, publication and knowledge transfer can be proposed, including:

  • An individual or collaborative exhibition ;
  • A roundtable of invited experts and/or colleagues to discuss work completed or in progress ;
  • A recorded interview with the creators-researchers ;
  • A workshop to demonstrate one’s practice or techniques;
  • etc ;

Hexagram’s Contribution
Hexagram will contribute $500 for each accepted proposal to help the researcher prepare texts and media that we will circulate through our communications platforms and networks, and to produce the DEMO. This amount is awarded after we have received those contents and is intended as a contribution for the time allocated in the preparation, production and editing of the DEMO.

Submit a proposal to including:

  • a description of the research project to be presented through the DEMO (maximum 500 words);
  • the bios of the researchers involved and their collaborators (if any);
  • 3 to 5 images of the work that will be presented (maximum);
  • a description of the presentation and dissemination activity, specifying its format, dates, location, participating guests and public (maximum 300 words);
  • The logos of partners and the url to their websites;

This call will remain open until the Interuniversity Residencies program resumes.

Selection process
This is a non-competitive call. The committees of Hexagram partner institutions will review and accept proposals based on the following criteria:

  • relevance of the proposed work to Hexagram goals and mission;
  • how the activity reaches the community of researchers, artists, creators, students and/or a diverse audience.