Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition 2018 official selection

Hexagram Network is proud to present the official selection of Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition. This exhibition will take place in Linz (Austria) from September 5th to 11th 2018.

We would like to take this opportunity to mention the excellence of received propositions from Hexagram members. In total over 80 submissions were evaluated by the Campus Exhibition selection committee.

The selection has been divided in two sections: the on-site exhibition presented at the Kunstuniversitate and off-sites performances.

Here are the selected works

On-site Exhibition at Kunstuniversitate
  • Agustina Isidori : Don Federico & SOLA
  • Alexandre Saunier : Performing light – Sensum
  • Barbara Layne & Loren Osmond : Maxwell's equations
  • Donna Marie Legault : Drone
  • Eugénie Reznik : Dé-conter
  • Faye Mullen : Du mur un sol
  • François-Joseph Lapointe & Marianne Cloutier : Microbiome Rebirth Incubator
  • Ida Toft : Promises
  • Jess Marcotte & Dietrich Squinkifer : Rustle your leaves to me softly
  • Louis Philippe Rondeau : Revolve/reveal
  • Marc-André Cossette & Axelle Munezero : Temporalité Expressive
  • Olivia McGilchrist & David Corbett : Island
  • Sofian Audry & Erin Gee : Of the Soone
  • Sylvie Chartrand : Saltation, Étude 1
  • WhiteFeather Hunter : Aseptic Requiem
Off-site performances
  • Suzanne Kite : Listener
  • Marine Theunissen : Chœur Générateur
  • Guillaume Arsenault : Feedback cycles for oscillographe
  • Alexandre Saunier : Performing light – Tellus

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