Back from the Ars Electronica Festival

The Hexagram delegation has returned from the Ars Electronica Festival during which the network presented the exhibition "Taking Care" at the Kunstuniversität in Linz.

The exhibition was a great success with more than 2500 visitors and three exhibition venues: the Linz University of Art (Kunstuniversität), the Salzamt Gallery and the Deep Space 8K room in the Ars Electronica Center.

The Hexagram network would like to thank all the artists who have presented works of the highest quality:

  • Agustina Isidori
  • Alexandre Saunier
  • Barbara Layne & Lauren Osmond
  • Donna Legault
  • Eugenia Reznik
  • Faye Mullen
  • François-Joseph Lapointe & Marianne Cloutier
  • Guillaume Arsenault
  • Jess Marcotte & Dietrich Squinkifer
  • Louis-Philippe Rondeau
  • Marc-André Cossette & Axelle Munezero
  • Marine Theunissen
  • Olivia McGilchrist
  • Sofian Audry & Erin Gee
  • Suzanne Kite
  • Sylvie Chartrand
  • WhiteFeather Hunter

We would also like to thank the team that organized this exhibition:

  • Christopher Salter
  • Anna Kerekes
  • Marine Theunissen
  • Lorène Chesnel
  • Alexandre Saunier
  • Patil Tchilinguirian
  • Marc-André Cossette
  • Jason Pomrenski
  • Agustina Isidori

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Kunstuniversität team and the Ars Electronica festival. Special thanks to:

  • Nina Wenhart
  • Davide Bevilacqua
  • Veronika Liebl

Finally, let us highlight our financial partners in this adventure:

  • Hexagram
  • Hexagram Concordia
  • Hexagram UQAM
  • Festival Ars Electronica
  • Kunstuniversität Linz
  • Le ministère des relations internationales du Québec

The complete documentation of the exhibition will be available shortly, pending the publication of all the images and videos here is an overview of the opening evening of the exhibition "Taking Care" created by Agustina Isidori and Ars Electronica. Also check our social media to see the publications made during the exhibition.

AE TakingCare10
AE TakingCare11
AE TakingCare13
AE TakingCare17
AE TakingCare20
AE TakingCare27
AE TakingCare31
AE TakingCare7
AE TakingCare9
chris-salter-ca-at-the-opening-of-hexagram-campus-exhibition-taking-care 29571451137 o
feedback-cycles-for-oscillographs--guillaume-arsenault-ca 30724543528 o
generative-chorus--marine-theunissen-be-ca 43791421794 o
group-photo-at-the-opening-of-hexagram-campus-exhibition-taking-care 43791421424 o
impressions-of-hexagram-campus-exhibition-taking-care 42699447400 o
impressions-of-the-opening-of-the-hexagram-exhibition-university-of-art-and-design 44458521162 o
listener--suzanne-kite-us 42699494250 o
lorne-chesnel-at-the-opening-of-hexagram-campus-exhibition-taking-care 43599721335 o
maxwells-equations--barbara-layne-us-ca-lauren-osmond-ca 29571620847 o
microbiome-rebirth-incubator--franois-joseph-lapointe-ca-marianne-cloutier-ca 44508259911 o
of-wall-to-ground--faye-mullen-ca 44459973032 o
promises--ida-toft-dk 42699807540 o
revolvereveal--louis-philippe-rondeau-ca 44507694221 o
rustle-your-leaves-to-me-softly--jess-marcotte-ca-dietrich-squinkifer-ca 29570989527 o
sensum--alexandre-saunier-fr-qc-ca 43791566084 o
sola--agustina-isidori-it-ar 43791422134 o
study-1--sylvie-chartrand-ca 29570988627 o

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