How can collaboration between the arts, sciences and engineering be enhanced?

This first edition of HEXA_OUT will attempt to shed light on the concepts of efficiency and acceleration when researchers from the arts, humanities and engineering work collaboratively. The discussion will be moderated by astronomer Roger Malina, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Technology and Professor of Physics at the University of Texas, Dallas. Since 1982 he has been the Executive Editor of Leonardo (MIT Press) whose mission is to promote and make visible work that explores the interaction between the arts, sciences and new technologies.

This event is the first of Hexagram | CIAM’s 2012-13 public programming with a new partnership with PHI Center, which focuses on their complementary mandates, bringing academic research-creation and quality dissemination to the Montreal community.

Participating researchers

Martine Époque and Denis Poulin, founders LARTech (UQAM) with Marc Côté, engineer, founder and president of FAKE
Eric Raymond, artist and professor (UQAM) with Dominic Létourneau, engineer, IntRoLab (Université de Sherbrooke)
Sha Xin Wei, professor (Concordia) and founder of the Topological Media Lab with David Morris, professor of Philosophy (Concordia)
Leila Sujir, artist and professor (Concordia) with Maria Lantin (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver)

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Photo & Video Documentation

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