HEXA_OUT 7 - « DEMO or Die » (Negroponte)

Part of the colloquium LA RECHERCHE-CRÉATION : Territoire d’innovation méthodologique.

This colloquium aims to take stock of different methodological approaches in research-creation.

Various factors have enabled the development of the concept of research-creation. Analyses that aim to mark out the terrain and understand what contributes to the process of creation and what facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, have emerged from praxis and artistic university research.

With the current turn in research into research-development, research-innovation, and research-intervention, it is essential to better define research-creation, which entails particular constraints and procedures in terms of materials, technique and know-how, and the way themes and ideas crystallize in artworks.

HEXA_OUT 7: “DEMO or Die” (Negroponte)

At the MIT Media Laboratory in the 1990s, then-director Nicolas Negroponte re-coded a known academic slogan: scientists’ publish or perish had its new media counterpart in demo or die. DEMOs ease experimentation and methodological reflexivity, conjugating theory and practice into a unified whole. It serves to validate and document research-creation as a multifaceted process, and favours collaboration among researchers. DEMOs may accompany every phase of creation: conception, elaboration, presentation, and as an exploration rooted in hypothetical potential. Similiar to the idea of a model, storyboard or study, its role is to visualize and value processes.

With :

Sandeep Bhagwati (Concordia University), Sally Jane Norman (University of Sussex), Alexandre Castonguay (Université du Québec à Montréal), Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo (Artivistic.org), Mél Hogan (University of Colorado – Boulder). Moderator: Gisèle Trudel (Université du Québec à Montréal – Co-Director, Hexagram|CIAM).


Photo & Video Documentation

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hexagram hexaout7 20140320-2 13434248864 o
hexagram hexaout7 20140320-30 13434005553 o
hexagram hexaout7 20140320-3 13433878945 o
hexagram hexaout7 20140320-4 13434007243 o
hexagram hexaout7 20140320-5 13433878845 o
hexagram hexaout7 20140320-7 13434007123 o
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