HEXA_OUT 9 - Consuming life

An evening of debate & discussion & tastings

It can be argued that the most intimate relationship with other life-forms is through eating, literary internalising the other. This activity is done beyond the function of survival; it is a personal and social ritual involving aesthetics and other cultural and psychological reasons.

This roundtable explores the promises and hype of technological and traditional proteins production and consumption, going beyond the obvious food crisis issues, into analysis of our society and the larger case of the technologization of life and its processes.

From optimized eating powder, insects, fermentation to in-vitro meat, this will be an evening of debate and discussion.


Mohammed Ashour Aspire Food Group -The McGill Hult Team
Thierry Bardini membre d’Hexagram, Université de Montréal, modérateur
Oron Catts membre affilié d’Hexagram & Ionat Zurr SymbioticA, University of Western Australia
David Szanto Doctorant de Université Concordia, Ice Box Studio


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