Distinguished Speaker 16 - Valentine Verhaeghe

Public Lecture

November 9 2016, 6H00 PM

Hexagram is proud, for the 16th event of it’s Distinguished Speaker Series, to present Valentine Verhaeghe, and interdisciplinary artist working in various fields of human sciences, philosophy and aesthetics. Member of the “Le corps de l’artiste” research group, professor at Institut supérieur des beaux arts in Besançon/Franche-Comté and co-director of the “MOBILE ALBUM INTERNATIONAL” magazine (presses du Réel), she is in charge, since 2015, of unboxing Robert Filliou’s (1926-1987) archives. After digitizing most of the French artist and Fluxus member’s archive, Verhaeghe will present the results of her research. She explains her intervention further:

“Intellectual data in the archive spans from 1957 to 1987. It consists of unreleased work and research notes that will be linked to the artist’s public work. It is basically an exploration of a major 20th-century artist’s research-creation path”.

“The issues raised by the work come across the question of “trans” disciplinary, thus we will be presenting philosophical and aesthetic points of view. The diversion topic will be addressed, therefore we have to find a genesys in the various layers of avant-garde arts, in particular with the situationnistes. I tried to identify theoretical, practical, plastic and aesthetic issues in polyvalent art forms accessible through the work of Robert Filiou.

The archive and it’s processing can have an impact on research in terms of methodology, and epistemy. I will discuss Boris Nieslony’s experiment with performance art archives and come back to my own work with Robert Filiou’s documents. Finally, we will offer a reflection on the piece L’IMMORTELLE MORT DU MONDE.”.

Université du Québec à Montréal
Chaufferie du Pavillon Coeur des Sciences (CO-R700)
175, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal,QC, H2X 3P2 Canada

With :
André Éric Létourneau (UQAM) and Barbara Clausen (UQAM)
Free admission / In French


Photo documentation

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