Hexa_Wave Launch

Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 5:30 pm to 7:15 pm

The Hexagram network is pleased to invite you to launch Hexa_Wave / Hexa_Sonde’s first season. This radio series created by André Éric Létourneau with Cynthia Noury and Odrée Laperrière consists of podcasts presenting the network’s artist-researchers. This first season allowed us to meet with the following artist-researchers: Sandeep Bhagwati (Concordia), Barbara Clausen (UQAM), Jean Dubois (UQAM), Paul Landon (UQAM), François-Joseph Lapointe (UdeM), Patrick Leroux (Concordia), Jason Lewis (Concordia), Louise Poissant (FRQSC), Éric Raymond (UQAM), Gisèle Trudel (UQAM).

This launch will feature the live public recording of the second season’s first episode starting at 6 PM with Armando Mennicacci, a new professor at UQAM’s Dance Department. While pursuing the first season’s mandate, the new series will include interviews in English and will pay particular attention to emerging artist-researchers, to the network’s founders and to professors at Concordia and UQAM

141 avenue du Président Kennedy
Salle d’expérimentation
Hexagram UQAM – SB-4105

Drinks, snacks and informal presentation of previous season’s excerpts included!

Photo Documentation

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