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Note : the grant applications for 2018 are now closed


The grants are awarded among the network’s student members and will support innovative projects in line with Hexagram’s research axes. These projects are carried out as part of a master’s degree or doctorate.


Only Hexagram student members can apply for these grants. If you are not a student member, you have to complete the online registration form by January 15, 2018, 5 pm so your membership application is processed before the closing of the contest.


Applications will be evaluated and assessed by a jury of three Hexagram members and a member collaborator from the media arts community.

Grant categories

Research-creation: Support creation projects of students that are leading to a master’s degree or doctorate. Maximum of $ 4,000 per project.

Internationalization: Support students presenting their research-creation work abroad, in contexts such as conferences, residencies, workshops, exhibitions, etc. Maximum of $ 2,000 per project.

Performative research: Support students whose research-creation process in the social sciences integrate a creation leading to a master’s degree or doctorate. Maximum of $ 4,000 per project.

The grant recipient undertakes to submit a detailed report on the use of the grant or the result of the research using the report form provided by Hexagram. This report must be submitted one month after having completed the project or no later than December 13, 2018. This report will be used for the follow-up and promotion of student grantees’ projects. Failure to produce the final report makes you ineligible for other Hexagram grants. Hexagram strongly encourages the grantee to submit a complete and detailed final report.

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