Atelier 1 – DIY Prosthetics “Environment Sensing”

Workshop led by Nina Czegledy of ThingTank Lab in Toronto

Saturday, November 3, 2012
10am – 5pm
Hexagram Resource Center

Hexagram is hosting a thematic workshop this November open to everyone in the wider Hexagram community. The aim of the workshop is to expand knowledge and perspectives on what a prosthetic is and what a prosthetic can make possible. The workshop, led by Nina Czegledy of ThingTank Lab in Toronto, will explore concepts and theory related to the socio-technical, ethical and cultural issues related to prosthetics.

During the one-day workshop, participants will use basic prototyping materials to build physical prototypes of prosthetic gloves, and through the process, develop some basic skills in electronics and microcontrollers. The gloves will be capable of basic environment sensing and orientation detection. Muscle wire controlled by the microcontroller will enable the movement of fingers and vibrating motors will provide the wearer feedback. Participants will also experiment with temperature and stretch sensors. No experience with electronics or programming is necessary – the tools are that easy to use!!

    Who can participate:
  • This workshop is open to the wider Hexagram community. You do not need official status or university registration to participate.
  • Basic computer literacy is required.
  • Space is limited to 16 participants. Your spot in the workshop is reserved only when you pay the workshop registration fee.
    Workshop registration and materials fee:
  • $35 for students and independent artists.
  • $55 for faculty members and professionals.
  • $65 for purchase of Arduino microcontroller kit (optional – participants who do not want to take home the Arduino can use one during the workshop for no extra charge).
  • Please note that participants will work in pairs to build the prosthetics (one prototype per two people). You are welcome to sign up with a partner, or come alone and let us pair you.
    Required preparation:
  • Each pair of participants will be required to bring a laptop with Arduino software and libraries pre-installed. All software and libraries are free, and we will provide installation instructions in advance.
  • We can accommodate a limited number of participants who cannot bring their own laptops, but arrangements must be made at the time of registration. Our backup laptops will be assigned on a first come first served basis.
    How to register:
  • Fill out the attached form and send it to
  • Remember that your spot is not reserved until we receive your cheque or money order.
  • More details on the workshop schedule will be provided once you’ve registered.

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