Atelier 2 – Jacquard Colour Tapestry Workshop with Louise Lemieux-Bérubé

Workshop Description

This workshop will facilitate advanced techniques in digital jacquard weaving, with a focus on colour and structures. The goal of the workshop is to enable different colour mixing methods to be accessible for researchers, faculty, and graduate students using the Hexagram Jacquard loom. Additional copies of Pointcarré software and computers will be available at the Centre for Digital Arts (CDA) during workshop; all participants can work on a computer and software at the same time, sharing skills.

Instructional content : May 13- 17 9am-5pm

The participants will study standard colour tapestry weaves, double and multiple layer weaves and special constructions for insertion of different small objects or electronic components into the woven construction.Preparation of images with Photoshop – Adaptation of a scanned image into a usable form for a woven interpretation – Introduction to Jacquard weaving with Pointcarré software by studying complex weaves that allow color and layer combinations and compositions – Designing and weaving samples.

Sample weaving and file preparation: May 20 – 25

Workshop participants are able to continue to work independently with the software in the CDA lab and weave samples by rotation. Researchers external to Hexagram are limited to these dates for access to the loom.

Hexagram-Concordia researchers who participate in the workshop are able to book time on the loom during June and July to utilize the special warp threads for more substantial research- creation projects. In August, the loom would be returned to its normal set-up for a single warp.

Registration fee:

$100 to confirm workshop place, and includes 0.5m of woven samples.

Additional warp usage for projects will be charged at $50.00 per metre. Participants will need to supply or purchase their own weft threads.

External participants will have access to the jacquard loom from May 20-24 only. Hexagram registered users will be able to access the colour warp through the normal booking system until August.

Please complete the registration form and return to Kelly Thompson, with the fee by 8 April 8, to confirm a place. Registration for the workshop will be opened up to weavers external to Hexagram-Concordia after April 8, if places are available.Maximum of 12 participants.

Participants should have some prior experience designing with Pointcarré software and weaving on the jacquard loom. Please discuss with Kelly Thompson if uncertain.

May 13-17, 2013 Instructional Week
May 20-24 Independent Access to Lab and loom sharing for sampling
Organized by Kelly Thompson

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