Hexagram @ ISEA2022


ISEA2022 accueillera 16 membres du Réseau à travers des panels, des présentations, des ateliers et des performances, ce qui représente de fabuleuses opportunités de réseautage international pour nos membres.

Nous vous encourageons fortement à consulter la programmation de l’événement!

Voici un aperçu des activités de nos membres

    • 14.06 | Online

      Ricardo Dal Farra

      Memory’s death… or the desire of immortality

      We can find multiple versions of electronic art history, but most references point to a small group of countries from Europe and North America. The Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection can show the impact that the archival of electronic artworks can play in giving another perspective on history. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 16:10

      D.A. Restrepo-Quevedo, Raquel Caerols Mateo, Felipe César Londoño López

      Virtual museums: heritage and future of mediated UX?

      This article intends to carry out an analysis of the factors that have inherited the experiences of face-to-face visits to museums with those that are developed through virtual platforms. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 15.06 | 17:10

      Puneet Jain

      Umwelten: Shifting agencies among the human, the non-human, and a machine learning algorithm

      A text writing platform/tool is developed where the font size of the letters, spacing between the letters, and color of the text dynamically changes based on the shifting of agencies between a human, a non-human, and a machine learning algorithm. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 11.06 | 15:00-16:50

      Ricardo Dal Farra

      A forgotten, almost lost, and partially hidden piece of history: new media arts in Latin America

      Who tells history? UNESCO’s DigiArts project was a major initiative « aiming at the development of interdisciplinary activities in research, creativity and communication in the field of media arts. » The Daniel Langlois Foundation is a leading organization focused on preserving and archiving media art, including the Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 13.06 | 12:40

      Marie-Eve Bilodeau, Ghyslain Gagnon, Yan Breuleux

      NUAGE: A Digital Live Audiovisual Arts Tangible Interface

      This paper presents a literature review rooted in Human-Computer Interaction research as the methodological basis for the proposal of a tangible interface called NUAGE. It is aimed at artists, performers and designers in the research field of Digital Live Audiovisual Arts. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 13.06 | 12:40

      Estelle Schorpp

      Écosystème(s) : a self-interactive sound installation

      Écosysteme(s) is a self-interactive sound installation whose behavior and sound identity are inspired by the communication techniques of orthopteran insects. The term « self-interactive » is used here to emphasize that the device is self-regulating (the device listens to the sound it produces and adapts its behavior according to the result). Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 13.06 | 16:00

      Alexandre Saunier, Chris Salter, Julien Vermette, Alexandre Quessy, Simon Demeule, Ursula J’vlyn d’Ark, Puneet Jain, Sofian Audry

      autonomX—Real Time Creation/Composition with Complex Systems

      autonomX is an open source desktop application that allows multimedia artists and students to easily and quickly experiment with lifelike processes via a graphical interface to generate dynamic, emergent and self-organizing patterns and output these patterns via OSC to control light, sound, video, or even robots in real time. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 11:30

      Andre Czegledy, Nina Czegledy

      One + one = three: the added value of dual degrees in higher education

      This paper considers how in the global terrain of higher education, the historic tradition of largely mono-disciplinary degrees is being challenged by programmatic complexities that co-join seemingly disparate realms of knowledge and investigation through the introduction of dual degrees. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 13.06 | En ligne

      Ricardo Dal Farra

      Balance-Unbalance. Ecology and Citizenship

      The frequency and severity that certain weather and climate-related events are having around us are increasing, and the ability of human beings to modify our adjacent surroundings has turned into a power capable of altering the planet. Do the electronic arts have a role in all this? Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 16:10

      Manuelle Freire, Sofian Audry, Christopher Salter

      Hexagram Network – Emergence/Y

      HEXAGRAM, the international Network dedicated to research-creation in arts, cultures and technologies celebrates its 20th. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 12.06 | 12:40

      Alexandre Saunier, Marc-André Cossette

      Fragments: A Cognitive Merzbau

      Fragments is an ongoing series of audiovisual research-creation works that bring together live performance, generative music, video game design, photogrammetry, lighting design, audiovisual production, and theatre dramaturgy. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 12:40

      Amanda Gutierrez

      Xeno Walks, an Augmented Reality SoundWalk on Collective Feminism

      Xeno Walk is an Augmented Reality audio walk, featuring the voices and audio works by activists and sound producers who embrace the collage as a tool of exploration and political agency. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 11.06 |

      Alexandre Saunier, Chris Salter, Puneet Jain, Marc-André Cossette

      AutonomX – Light and sound with complex dynamical systems

      autonomX – Light and sound with complex dynamical systems is a workshop that proposes to experiment with life-like computer processes to generate dynamic, emergent, and self-organizing patterns and express them through light and sound. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 |

      Celia Vara, Florencia Marchetti, Katja Philipp, Magdalena Olszanowski

      Re-orienting bodies: Unfolding Sensorial Unknowns

      How far into others/ beyond ‘you’ can your body extend in the hybrid worlds we inhabit? This workshop proposes three interrelated exercises exploring the sensing body as involved in machine-breathing-drawing-moving from a feminist standpoint. The gestural entanglements emerging from the workshop will be used to choreograph a collective digital exhibit. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 18:30

      Alexandre Saunier, Marc-André Cossette


      Fragments: The Shape of Things is an audiovisual performance in which 2 human performers act live on Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life algorithms to generate and modulate a poetic immersive experience. Plus d’informations par ici.

    • 14.06 | 18:00

      Erin Gee

      We as Waves

      Performance for voice, electroacoustic music, and sonified physiological markers of affect (heartbeat, skin conductance, and respiration). Using techniques like guided meditation, hypnosis, and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), Gee uses her voice to trigger physiological response in ten performers wearing her DIY biofeedback hardware, thus, structuring music through affective engagement. Plus d’informations par ici.

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