Milieux Bauhaus @ Concordia University

From November 5th to 14th 2019
Milieux Insititue for Art, Culture and Technology

A multidisciplinary celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus

What if it was the 1920s, the world is a mess and a new kind of design thinking was all the rage? What if science and technological innovation was seen as key to social progress and culture and technology were hopelessly intertwined? What if we imagined a new kind of school that would deconstruct elitist art and culture as well as military and corporate technocultures, that would draw attention to the centrality of materials and craft, and that would engage directly with the problems and prospects of modernity in all its guises (political, epistemological, aesthetic)? What if we did all this amidst the spectre of fascism, conservative populism, as well as new varieties of socialism and shifting cultural movements?

Livia Nolasco Rozsas, ZKM curator Lunchtime Talk
Friday November 8th, 12 to 1PM EV 11.705 (Concordia)

On Friday November 8th, Hexagram and the Canadian Embassy Berlin co-sponsor the lunchtime talk by Livia Nolasco Rozsas, curator of the ZKM Center for art and Media Technology of Karlsruhe Germany.

Many Hexagram members are partcipating to this major activity celebrating the 100 years of the Bauhaus movement. Discover the full program on the official website!