Nopimik wins a NUMIX Award – relève étudiante

Congratulations to the collectif KHUBE, a team composed of master’s degree students in digital creation from UQAT, Hexagram members, who won, on June 15, the prize of the “Relève étudiante” for their project Nopimik at the NUMIX Awards ceremony, broadcasted online.

The collective is delighted to see projects produced in Abitibi-Témiscamingue that carry a message of openness and diversity is being recognized. The Nopimik project is the result of a collaboration with several local partners, including the MA, art museum, the Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre, Kinawit, AGEUQAT, Minwashin, le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda as well as several members of the region’s Aboriginal communities, including : K-heaven Pwapwate, Pidjinia Djin Dumont, Ronald Brazeau, Richard Kistabish, Jimmy Papatie, Malik Kistabish, Joan Wabanonik, as well as members of the Odabi group.

The student group also benefited from the contribution and support of Hugo Asselin, Jean-Ambroise Vesac, Cathy Vézina and David Paquin, who accompanied and coached the group, amongst other things, in the creation of links with the community and the co-creation methodology. L’Espace O Lab also greatly supported the project through equipment loans.

UQAT is proud to see the emergence of projects such as Nopimik, which in this case, allows people to discover and promote Anicinabe culture by exploring the theme of the territory. Congratulations!

To view the project, click here.