Recurring Activities

DEMO: Interuniversity Research-Creation Residency Program

This program structures exchanges and is the primary means of sharing resources dedicated to research-creation across the Network’s partner institutions. It is open to all members, but especially to students; it supports research-creation projects through short stays in research groups and labs or with collaborating organizations in spaces of practice affiliated with Hexagram. Residencies may be exploratory or experimental in nature and encompass conception, production, or dissemination. They entail regular exchanges with the host community to discuss the development of the project. Technical and logistical support is provided and administered by the host partner institution or organization.

Hexa_OUT: National and International Mobility Program

This program provides financial support for members’ research activities and dissemination outside of their own academic community. It privileges international outreach at major events and/or established cultural organizations (symposia, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, shows, study days, research-creation residencies, and so on), preferably for concerted travel involving two or more members; for activities potentially leading to new collaborations or to strengthening emerging collaborations at intersections of interdisciplinary expertise; and the dissemination of R-C to new research milieus and to new audiences.  Half of its budget is allocated to student members.

Hexagram Gala for Emerging Researchers

Since May 2019, Hexagram undertakes a yearly presentation and celebration of student laureates who have been awarded funding or other programs of support for their research projects. The Gala invites all Hexagram members as well as representatives of professional, academic and cultural spheres to attest to the network’s support to emerging researchers and practitioners, to encourage the advancement of their projects, and to contribute to disseminate their R-C outcomes. It aims to present R-C in accessible, synthetic, and captivating ways and to identify issues that associate different forms of knowledge.

Hexagram’s Interdisciplinary Summit

This biennial event aims to bring together all members of the network as well as key practitioners from abroad, thus pairing perspectives and approaches addressed in research-creation with those of other scientific fields of research. The programming includes activities such as thematic symposia, research-creation workshops, and artistic events (exhibitions, concerts, shows, etc.) that map current artistic, cultural and technological developments.

LASER Talks (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendez-vous)

Founded in 2008, LASER Talks is a program of evening gatherings set up by the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology (Leonardo), which connects more than 30 cities around the world where artists and scientists meet to discuss and share presentations. Hexagram has been the Montreal host since 2014. Twice a year, researchers from different fields meet and share perspectives on the relationships between the arts, science, and technology.

REC — Radio Show on Research-Creation in Collaboration with the web radio station

In collaboration with the web radio station, REC offers a series of podcasts of “short interviews, round tables, and reports on the definitions, methodologies, and other current issues of research-creation […] particularly in the Quebec context.” Guests are, for the most part, members of the Hexagram network. The productions are disseminated on’s public platform with the goal to vulgarize scientific knowledge, as to reach students and professionals in the cultural sphere as well as the general public

Hexagram Newsletter

Two to three times per month, our bilingual newsletter sends to 2,000+ subscribers the latest information about the Network, the accomplishments of its members, and pertinent updates and opportunities related to R-C.