2017 Student grants recipients

Since the beginning, researchers involved in Hexagram have sought to give concrete support to student members, whether by giving access to research equipment and infrastructure, governance integration, training or grants.

Annually, more than fifty research-creation and internationalization projects are analyzed by a jury of researchers and an external expert.

The members of the grants committee have rich exchanges around research-creation and we would like to thank them for the 2017 jury process: Louis-Claude Paquin, president, Rilla Khaled, Armando Menicacci and Katja Melzer, member collabor and director of the Goethe Institute Montreal.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Hexagram Awards.

Research-creation Master
Éric Fillion UQAC_NAD
Nadia Miltcheva UQAC_NAD
Julien Blais UQAM
Léa Moison UQAM
Marc-Olivier Comeau UQAM
Melissa Palermo Concordia
Parisa Foroutan Concordia
Philippe Batthika Concordia
Donna Legault Concordia
Experimental and Creative writing Master
Nancy Tobin UQAM
Internationalization Master
Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt UQAM
Research-creation Doctorate Degree
Émilie St-Hilaire Concordia
Julia Zamboni Concordia
Maya Hey Concordia
Skott Deeming Concordia
Aurelio Meza Concordia
Jessica Marcotte Concordia
Julia Salles UQAM
Experimental and Creative writing Doctorate
Isabel MacDonald Concordia
Internationalization Doctorate
Sinervo A Kalervo Concordia
Treva Pullen Concordia
Radhanatha Gagnon UQAM


À la suite de l’observation de certains symptômes psychologiques et selon le concept de Solastagia, le projet repose sur une réflexion personnelle à propos de l’expérience vécue des individus influencés par les conséquences des changements climatiques. Le projet présente donc un espace immersif permettant d’expérimenter un problème lié à notre capacité d’adaptation environnementale.

Empathie narrative et avatar tangible pour casque de réalité virtuelle

Le projet Anna permet d’interagir avec un personnage virtuel à l’aide d’un mannequin servant d’interface tangible. Le personnage raconte son histoire au spectateur. L’objectif de l’œuvre est de créer une empathie narrative en relation avec un personnage virtuel par le biais d’une nouvelle forme d’interaction.

Ionesco Pixelisé (librement inspiré de la pièce Délire à deux de Ionesco)

Mon projet de recherche création propose la conceptualisation et l’expérimentation ludique d’un dispositif intermédiatique dans lequel l’acteur devient, par les mouvements de son corps et de sa voix, le principal activateur / créateur de son environnement numérique.

Déconstruction/Reconstruction : passage de la musique à l’objet

Comment créer un nouveau mode de composition? Comment contrer ma propre conception de la musique? Un projet qui tente de répondre à ces questions grâce à la notion de la traduction, passant de la musique à l’objet. La musique devient alors matière, prend une autre forme, un autre langage grâce à un système de codage.


« NOS ABYSSES » est un court-métrage interactif explorant la frontière entre l’homme et la machine. Thomas, exaspéré par le monde qui l’entoure, explore la nature profonde de l’humain, à travers la machine. En utilisant l’ubiquité informatique ambiante, il tente de pénétrer encore plus profondément dans les abysses de l’âme humaine.

Combatting Rape Culture Through Design – A Research-Creation Project

“Combatting Rape Culture Through Design” investigates how data visualization can contribute to raising awareness about complex social issues such as rape culture. With the goal of making visible people’s experiences with rape culture the project explores how to constitute affective, singular experiences as data to be visualized.

The Fluid Alter-Cities

My research explores mobility as the way of being, we experience through mobile devices. Ubiquitous portable screens have changed not only the way we understand our surroundings but also our interaction with these surroundings. The self is fragmented between here and there, between virtual and actual and between now and else-when.


“Halo” is a series of sound chairs that explore the affect of visual perception on aural experiences. By harnessing the aesthetics of vintage salon hair-dryer chairs and deturning their architectural function with a three-dimensional ambisonic playback system, “Halo” unsettles visual expectations in order to solicit new aural experiences.

Drone 1

Drone 1 is an interdisciplinary project that acknowledges both human and non-human entities as sites for sensorial investigation. Current scientific studies of the movement of bees and their robotic counterparts are explored through the sonification of image utilizing custom electronic sound synthesis in a multi-sensorial installation.

Le Son au théâtre et en danse contemporaine : les principes conceptuels récurrents de ma pratique

Transmettre mon approche de la conception sonore pour la scène sous 2 formes: un texte théorique (mémoire) et un livret poétique (création).

Ruins Rider

Ce projet d’internationalisation vise à la diffusion de mon projet de recherche-création Ruins Rider au Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival et à participer à un masterclass au Artists’ Filmmaking Symposium à Hawick, Écosse du 2 au 6 mars 2017.

Our Transgenic Future

Our Transgenic Future is an interactive gallery based exhibition featuring video, printed material and several sculptures. This speculative design project based on real scientific developments proposes an alternate reality in which people keep transgenic animals as pets which could one day save their lives through organ transplantation.

Robot Ludens

This exploration of ‘playing machines’ across the lineages of artistic performances and gameplay focuses on machines as ambiguous characters, perceived by the audience as entities that operate between the realms of the living and non-living. This characteristic of machines will be connected to the concept of play itself.

Fermented Foods and Engaging with the Microbial Other

Microbes are omnipresent: they live inside, on, and around us. How we relate to them impacts our genomes, guts, and environment. I study fermented foods as a means to investigate the human-microbe relationship and, ultimately, challenge current assumptions that privilege humans.

The Ghost Arcade (La Galería de Fantasmas).

The Ghost Arcade is a participatory exhibition project focusing on the material and social fabrics of localized articulations of global digital piracy cultures; through addressing critical gaps in discourses centered within the social and historical conditions of videogame exhibitions in museums and alternative spaces, across critical and vernacular digital cultures.

PoéticaSonora: Towards a Digital Audio Repository of Sound Art and Sound Poetry in Latin America

My participation in PoéticaSonora, a research-creation program in Mexico City, is to coordinate the design and creation of a digital audio database from the fieldwork, selection, and tagging process a group at UNAM has done since May 2016.

THEY GREW ON ME: Human Attachment to Non Player Characters in Games

“THEY GREW ON ME: Human Attachment to Non Player Characters in Games” will explore how humans form emotional attachments to non-player characters through (1) a series of experimental games and (2) a written thesis. Both will delve into how players connect to characters in games, considering the similarities and differences to characters in other mediums as well as how players connect to one another.


Loto-documentaire est un documentaire interactif qui remet en question les modèles prédictifs de traitement de données et de l’information, très en vogue avec le Big Data. Le documentaire se construit à partir des résultats de la loterie et aborde les thématiques du hasard, de l’entropie et de l’information.

Picturing aid in Haiti: Writing and translating the script for a non-fiction graphic novel

In order to assess the potential of an emerging media form known as “comics reportage”, I will write (the second draft of) the script for a book-length work of comics reportage based on my PhD fieldwork in Haiti. In order to make this project as accessible as possible to the displaced Haitians who participated in my research, I will also translate this textual component of my research-creation thesis project into Haitian Créole.

Whimsical Bodies, Performative Machines and Networked Nonhumans: Exploring the Lively and Behavioural Qualities of Robotic Art

This paper presentation is focused on human nonhuman engagements initiated by the human spectator’s experiences of robotic art. I also go on to consider the inherent characteristics of the medium, proposing that robotic art occupies the space of a specific aesthetic language and that it requires/requests interactivity. The case studies of robotic art that I will present and unpack propose that the medium is characteristically whimsical, performative and lively and that it requires human engagement

laboratoire de création collective cinématographique

Présentation de mes recherches sur le “laboratoire de création collective cinématographique” (Kabaret Kino) au colloque international « Du « direct » au numérique : archéologie et nouvelles perspectives des pratiques cinématographiques légères dans le monde. » à l’Université de Lausanne/Université de Picardie Jules-Verne, du 3 au 5 mai 2017.

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