Call for projects CQAM + Element AI + Hexagram

Deadline to apply: Friday, March 20, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Following the Artificial Intelligence in the Media Arts, Industry and Academic Community forum, the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM) is launching a call for projects to the arts community!

Independent professional artists in media arts are invited to submit a project in development that exploits artificial intelligence and that they would like to improve with the help of experts from the industry. Proposals should specify the type of assistance that would help refine the project.

A jury composed of the project partners (Hexagram, Element AI, CQAM) will select a maximum of 10 projects.

The artists whose projects are selected will be invited to make a short 10-minute presentation in front of a panel of industry specialists in artificial intelligence. This will be followed by a 10-minute presentation of the industrial partners.

Two 20-minutes meetings between artists and industrial partners will follow the presentations. For the first meeting, participants will be matched by the activity organizers according to the compatibility of their research axes. For the second meeting, participants will be free to determine with whom they are interested in having a discussion.

The event will be followed by a networking cocktail allowing all participants to share their practices and experiences in artificial intelligence.

Then, and at their discretion, the partner companies will offer support to the artists that may vary according to their interests and resources. Artists whose projects receive support from the companies will be invited to work on a prototype of their project and will receive a production fee.

The objective of this networking activity is to create a bridge between artists and companies and allow them to share additional expertise and advice for the realization of their project.

Visit the official page on CQAM website for al the details and submit a project.

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