ESPACE – Multiphonic Concert

February 28 2018
Doors 7PM | Concert 7:30PM
Agora Hydro-Québec
175 ave. du Président Kennedy
UQAM | CO-R500

Hexagram Network is proud to present the ESPACE Multiphonic Concert in collaboration with Centro Mexicano para la Musica y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS), the Groupe de Recherche en Médiatisation du Son (GRMS) and Hexagram UQAM.

With this concert the GRMS is launching their new 32-loudspeaker dome system installed at Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des Sciences.

The concert also marks the end of CMMAS audio creation residency in Montreal. Rodrigo Sigal and Francisco Colasanto from CMMAS will present the result of their work in the new audio dome composition space at Hexagram UQAM. In total, 4 works specially adapted for hemispheric speaker dome will be presented. In addition to works from our international invitees, the concert will present works from composers and professors Simon-Pierre Gourd and Ricardo Dal Farra.


In the program:

Rodrigo Sigal – Interlineal

The piece was originally commissioned in 2017 by the Groupe de Recherche Musical (GRM) and supported by the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Artes (SNCA) in Mexico. Interlineal is a multichannel piece exploring connecting lines between materials, space and sources and was originally composed at CMMAS.

Francisco Colasanto – Burbujas

Burbujas (bubbles) is a piece made using four analog synthesizers and a drum machine. This piece uses each device as if it were a gear that has its own rotation cycle, where each part is phased out. Each voice emerges from within the sound mass applying timbral changes made in real time

Ricardo Dal Farra – Organic

Organic is a generative piece of visual-music. It was created in 2015 using mathematical algorithms to generate the synthetic images, with the sounds derived directly from the visual analysis.

Simon-Pierre Gourd – Re_Cycle

Re_Cycle is an immersive piece based on circularity. Circularity and recycling of elements, spaces and movements combine to create “auditory scenes”. The pitches and paradoxical tones also come in to inject themselves and reinject themselves cyclically. Vocal synthesis and voice, in constant transformations, are the main materials of the work, like so many cycles of identities participating to create sound places.


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