HEXA_OUT 10 – Relations Between Ecology and Digital Creation

The International Image Festival, Manizales, Colombia, April 20-25, 2015

Once again, Hexagram is pleased to partner with the Festival with the presence of members who will address the theme of the festival through a discussion of their artworks. We thank Ricardo Dal Farra (Concordia University) for instigating this collaboration with the Festival.

April 23rd, 2015
C.C.C Teatro Fundadores, Sala Fundadores


Ricardo Dal Farra (Concordia University), presentations during the Festival, 4 sound-art concert/installations
Tagny Duff (Concordia University), Bioremediality: Reconsidering cells, viruses, and other microbes as agent of waste creation in biological art
Robert Saucier (Université du Québec à Montréal), Radiabolus
Bill Vorn (Concordia University), The Spectacle of Robotic Art: From Animated Objects to Lifelike Creatures

The International Image Festival, conducted by the Department of Visual Design at the University of Caldas, is a meeting place and site of debate on issues related to interactive design, media arts, audiovisual creation and electroacoustic soundscapes, and in general, the new relationships between arts, design, science and technology.


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