Archée online magazine September 2017 issue


In this issue, André Éric Létourneau and Cynthia Noury ​​meet with Sandeep Bhagwati, Jason Lewis and Gisèle Trudel and in the next issue with Jean Dubois and François-Joseph Lapointe, five artists whose approach is developed between research and creation through performative explorations using digital, biochemical and electronic technologies.


Sandeep Bhagwati, multidisciplinary artist, is also a composer who stages, directs orchestras and invents software that improves randomly, forcing the musicians to perform in a particular way.

Jason Lewis offers aboriginal virtual territories on the web, in online games and in virtual environments. He also practices poetry for new media, creating graphical forms of textuality by means of applications and software that he develops with his team.

Gisèle Trudel’s research gives birth to works with an ecological reach, which are deployed in often complex environments or in the public space, surprising the spectators by their aesthetic dimensions as well as by their innovative forms.

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