Audio Creation Residency

CMMAS Artistic Residency at Hexagram in partnership with GRMS and Hexagram UQAM

From February 20th to 28th 2018, Rodrigo Sigal, CMMAS director and Francisco Colasanto, CMMAS technical director, will be in Montreal for a creation residency on the new 32-loudspeaker dome built at Hexagram UQAM by the GRMS (Groupe de Recherche en Médiatisation du son). During the residency they will explore the creative possibilities of the speaker dome in spatial audio on two different projects.

Rodrigo Sigal will be working on a new version of the acousmatic piece Interlineal. The piece was originally commissioned in 2017 by the Groupe de Recherche Musical (GRM) and supported by the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Artes (SNCA) in Mexico. Interlineal is a multichannel piece exploring connecting lines between materials, space and sources and was originally composed at CMMAS.

Francisco Colasanto will be developing an algorithmic composition system on analog modular synthesizers distributed over the audio dome. The work is focussed on control systems and generation of musical parameters from algorithmic processes, emphasizing the generation of musical forms of medium duration.

On February 28th, to conclude the residency both invitees will perform during a concert with GRMS and Hexagram members Simon-Pierre Gourd and Ricardo Dal Farra. For this event, a special 32-loudspeaker concert system will be installed at Agora Hydro-Québec.

This residency is part of the Québec-Mexico cultural exchange project supported by the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec (MCC), Hexagram Network and the Centro Mexicano para la Musica y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS).

Biographical notes

Dr. Rodrigo Sigal
Full time professor since 2017 at ENES, Morelia. He’s a composer and cultural manager interested in working with new technologies especially in the electroacoustic music field. Since 2006, Sigal has been the director of the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts ( where he coordinates numerous initiatives of creation, education, research and cultural management in relation to sound and music. He earned a doctorate degree from the London City University and completed his postdoctoral studies at UNAM. He also earned his diploma in cultural management from the UAM-BID and has continued his studies and creative projects with the help from various scholarships and support from institutions like FONCA (he is a SNCA member) and the DeVos Foundation for cultural management, among others. For over 10 years he has taken part in the Luminico project (, he is the director of the “Visiones Sonoras” festival ( and editor of “Sonic Ideas” journal ( His artistic projects, CDs and further information are available at

Francisco Colasanto
Francisco Colasanto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. Lives in Mexico since 2006 He was awarded with the following distinctions:

  • Cultural Ministry of Spain (2000)
  • Fundación Antorchas (2003)
  • Cultural Ministry of Spain (2006)
  • Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (Live Electronic Music Competition 2006)
  • Juan Carlos Paz Prize (2004) granted by the “Fondo Nacional de las Artes” Argentina
  • Giga-Hertz award 2009 (ZKM, Karlsruhe)
  • Ibermúsicas 2013

He is currently assistant director of the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) located in the City of Morelia, México and full time academic at ENES-UNAM.

He composed music for several projects (dance, theatre, installations, movies, commercials) . Is the author of the book: “Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas”

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