CALL FOR PROPOSALS: EMERGENCE/Y @ Ars Electronica Festival 2021

Hexagram’s 2021-2022 Interdisciplinary season programming on the theme EMERGENCE/Y will launch on the week of September 7-11, as part of the 2021 edition of the Ars Electronica Festival. Hexagram will present a series of synchronous and asynchronous streaming-based events specifically curated and produced for the Festival.

This call is addressed to Hexagram members, student members and collaborators, to propose collaborative activities and/or research-creation projects. Non-members can be part of a collaborative proposal that includes Hexagram members.


“We are all living within a world where it is now easier to imagine the collapse of all life than imagine reinventing the right ways to live.” Jay Jordan

In 2021, it is now a cliche to say that we have lived through an “unprecedented year” – particularly when the state of the pre-COVID world was itself unprecedented. Yet, the combination of the global pandemic and its resulting political-economic fallout, the continuing ecological crises, and the social-cultural explosion of long simmering systemic injustice and inequality have made the entangling of human, machine and natural orders ever more apparent, with radical consequences for all forms of life on this planet. The future appears uncertain, unstable, unsettling and unknown.

How do we respond? Métis and U of Toronto STS scholar Michelle Murphy writes that “assemblies of technical practices have generated not just facts but also speculative phenomena that are a felt part of the world, even if intangible. How do speculative social science [or Research-Creation] practices produce a world where undecided futures are brought into the present?” Murphy refers to this as “technoscience dreaming.” In other words, in an increasingly uncertain world, how can RC enable us to dream and trial new possible futures?

Exploring hybrid modalities of presentation, discussion, and outreach, Hexagram’s 2021-2022 interdisciplinary programme will bring together the Network’s members with current and prospective partners whose critical and techno-material approaches are dedicated to addressing the current complex challenges through research situated at the intersections of the arts and sciences. The proposed themes for EMERGENCE/Y @ Ars Electronica are:

  • Planetary Thinking, Climate Emergency and Environmental-Ecological Crisis;
  • Emergent intersectional theories, histories and practices focused on critical gender, race, class and disability/debility research-creation in the broader context of the media arts and their relationship to the social, natural and computing sciences;
  • Critical and creative responses to Artificial Intelligence, Smartness, Human-Machine-Environment Interaction and Digital Transformation and Disruption;
  • Interplays between Human and More than Human Sentience;
  • New models for political economy involving the arts and sciences in new forms of transdisciplinary dialogue.

Formats of proposals* :

  • Pre-recorded short video showcases of productions or work in progress (max 3 minutes) ;
  • Pre-recorded podcasts or video of interviews or discussions with experts and collaborators (max 15 minutes) ;
  • Guided tours to exhibitions (on site or virtual, pre-recorded or live streamed);
  • Live streamed roundtable presentations or workshops;

* We invite applicants to view examples of previous outreach activities produced or co-produced by Hexagram, which explore different modalities of presentations, namely:

Reprise de Vues (January 2021)
Rencontres interdisciplinaires 2020
As well as the 2020 edition of the Ars Electronica Festival, particularly international partners’ Gardens.

The Ars Electronica Festival is an international event. Proposals may be submitted in French, however the final presentation must be in English or provide English translation.

Submit proposals: Submissions deadline: JUNE 29 at 11: 59 pm New submissions deadline: JULY 5 at 11: 59 pm


Important dates

Notifications of acceptance/refusal + guidelines for final submission will be sent out (to accepted participants) on JULY 9 2021

Pre-recorded media must be returned to Hexagram to be sent out to Ars Electronica by AUGUST 8.

Note: except for the JUNE 29 deadline to submit proposals via the form, other deadlines may change.

This is the first of several calls for proposals of activities in the framework of the 2021-2022 interdisciplinary season. Questions or further information:

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