New episodes on the REC podcast series

REC met with Patricia Leavy, editor of the Handbook of Arts-Based Research (Guilford Press, 2018) and Louis-Claude Paquin, professor at the École des médias UQAM, to ask them six questions on the emergence, definition, methodologies, challenges and future of research-creation.

Dr. Patricia Leavy is an independent sociologist, best-selling author and editor. She has published extensively in the field of qualitative and mixed methods research and is a leading proponent of Arts-Based Research (ABR). Using fiction-based research as one of her methods, she has published critically acclaimed novels, including the Candy Floss Collection, a 2020 edition of three of her previous social fiction books.

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ReC : A new research-creation podcast

Call for proposals
Deadline Extension : January 14th 2019

Through ReC, we propose our listeners to follow us in the vibrant world of research-creation. Each episode of the series will address a current topic through a common question to illustrate how research practices that include the arts and creation are redefining our understanding of the production of knowledge in academia Continue reading