Concerted Action

Responsible conduct in research-creation

The Hexagram network is please be part of a concerted action on responsible conduct in research-creation with a team of ethics and scientific integrity specialists from l’Université de Montréal.

Entitled «La conduite responsable en recherche-création : Outiller de façon créative pour répondre aux enjeux d’une pratique en effervescence», this 2-year concerted action is financed by the FRQSC.

The initiative is led by Bryn Williams-Jones (principal investigator), Philippe Gauthier (co-investigator) and François-Joseph Lapointe (co-investigator and Hexagram member). André Éric Létourneau (Hexagram co-director) and Marianne Cloutier (Hexagram postdoctoral member) are also collaborating to this concerted action. They will be supported by an interdisciplinary team of graduate students in research-creation and bioethics.

The project will focus on the challenges and emerging issues in the context of research-creation in order to develop appropriate means of promoting responsible conduct in research towards researchers and their institutions.

More information about this initiative will be available this fall. Hexagram members will then be invited to complete a survey about ethical issues in research-creation.

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