Elektra-Hexagram 2015

Resonant Architecture, Nicolas Maigret – 13-16 mai 2015

For the 16th edition, ELEKTRA offers fans of digital arts and culture a theme centred on the power of sound, entitled POST-AUDIO, in the sense of “beyond audio,” or beyond what we know as sound. With programming that looks at the influence of sound on our psyche and explores phenomena of listening, ELEKTRA 16 is a window onto local, national and international creation.

Resonant Architecture

Hexagram – Black Box
1515 Sainte Catherine St. West EV OS3-845/855
> May 13-16th, 11-7pm (May 16th, 12-7pm)
> Opening reception, Wednesday May 13 at 4pm

Since 2006, the collective Art of Failure has been creating a series of experiences that create a heightened perception of architecture by setting unusual buildings vibrating. The materials and structures activated by infra-bass vibrations reveal resonance frequencies and the physicality and acoustic qualities of the buildings chosen. A multimedia mechanism that involves sound, visuals and architecture, RESONANT ARCHITECTURE establishes a dialogue between architecture, the spatial components and geographical context.

Nicolas Maigret will talk about RESONANT ARCHITECTURE, on May 15 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at the Concordia University Black Box.

The lecture “Resonant Architecture” will investigate a series of radical sound interventions in which remarkable architectural structures are set into vibration as monumental instruments through the use of bass frequencies. This series by the Art of Failure collective will be presented from its inception 10 years ago, to the latest video productions filmed in four different locations chosen throughout Europe. On this occasion, Nicolas Maigret will share the generative compositional methods that were used for the project, as well as the approaches developed for contextual intervention, the decisions pertaining to the documentation and presentation of the sound and film archives, and the research which has informed the choice of specific buildings and monuments.

Event initiated by Alain Thibault
Photo by Jeremy Gravayat


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