HEXA_OUT – Visiones Sonoras

October 4 to 8, 2016, Moreilia, Mexique

Following the call to applications of April 2016, the members of the selection committee have selected the electroacoustic work of two student-members to represent Hexagram at VISIONES SONORAS XII – FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE MÚSICA Y NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS (International Festival of Music and New technologies), October 4 to 8, 2016 in Morelia, Mexico.

This activity is produced by Hexagram thanks to a the grant by the province of Quebec to promote cultural exchange between its artist-researchers and the CMMAS Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras in Morelia, the institution hosting the festival. Committee: Ricardo Dal Farra (Dept. of Music, Concordia University), Sandeep Bhagwati (matralab, Concordia University), Éric Létourneau (École des Médias, UQAM), and Francisco Colasanto (Visiones Sonoras/CMMAS).

Maxime MICHAUD – Research Student (M.A.)

Research-Creation in Experimental Media
Faculty of Communications
Université du Québec à Montréal


Born in the early 90s. Aquarius, Libra ascendant. Described as kind and creative. Was part of the deceased anonymous collective Sasskou. Collaborated with the artistic cooperative Le Sacre. Is now chillin’ with Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes. Has an interest in human beings in their totality (almost), complexity and in their quests. Trying to devote himself to the daily practice of art; also likes cinema and music and lots of stuff. Takes his time. B.A. of Communication – Filmmaking – Directing at UQAM. Now Masters of Communication – Research-Creation in Experimental Media. Works on immersion, feeling of fullness, cognition and phenomenology. Made short films, clips. Works as a freelancer. His first documentary made with a little amount of money, Who We Are, is distributed by Videographe, and toured festivals. Does not hesitate to bring all his passions together or to

Eric POWELL – Researcher Student (PhD)

Communication and Media Studies
Concordia University


Eric Powell is a sound artist and composer working with a variety of presentation methods: composing for stereo and multi-channel tape, performing with custom electronics, composing site-specific concerts, and creating interactive installations. He received his MFA in electroacoustic composition from Simon Fraser University, and he is currently a PhD candidate at Concordia University in Montreal. His research is focused on building interfaces for sound-based mapping. Eric is a founding member of the sound art organizations Electricity is Magic and Holophon Audio Arts, and sits on the executive boards of the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. His work has been heard across North America, Europe and Asia, with recent presentations in Ireland, Finland, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Back on the event

“J’ai pu, grâce à ma performance, affirmer une signature artistique. Ma présence à Visiones Sonoras était d’ailleurs un excellent moyen de faire connaître et rayonner Hexagram, comme ses membres, et de tisser de liens. Je me aussi lié d’amitié avec un autre membre Hexagram que je ne connaissais pas, Eric Powell, avec qui j’ai beaucoup échangé. Nous comptons également collaborer dans un futur proche.”
– Maxime Michaud, artiste participant CMMAS

“The festival was an amazing shift away from more traditional academic conferences. Although it contained conference panels during the day, the main focus was on the concert each evening. In addition to presenting and discussing his own work, I was invited to give an interview for the campus radio station discussing my creative process and thoughts about the festival. The focus on production and presentation led to many fruitful conversations surrounding practical and hands-on approaches to music-making, including invitations for myself and Maxime to return to Morelia for an extended residency where we could create a piece for a future iteration of Visiones Sonoras, which testifies to the positive impression of our artists in Morelia. It is worth mentioning that no only a population of artists and scholars attended the event. It was also open to the general public, school buses arriving for the opening concert.”
– Eric Powell, artiste participant CMMAS

audio, photo & video documentation

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