Hexagram members at CMMAS center, Mexico

Last January a call was launched to collect project proposals for two audio creation residencies at the CMMAS center in Morelia, Mexico. This artistic residency follows the visit in Montreal of Rodrigo Sigal (Director, CMMAS) and Francisco Colasanto (Technical Director, CMMAS) who worked during 10 days on the 32-loudspeaker dome installed at the mezzanine of the Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des Sciences by HexagramUQAM.

Many responses were received as a result of the project call. The selection committee consisted of: Christopher Salter (Concordia, Co-Director Hexagram), Nicolas Bernier (UdeM, Hexagram member) and Alain Thibault (Elektra, Hexagram collaborator).

Selected Projects

De l’ordre et du désordre des modes d’existence – André Éric Létourneau (regular member)

An audio work of art and a hörspiel on the relationship that different people and workers have with their technical objects inspired by a biography of Gilbert Simondon (written by his daughter Nathalie) and the interview that the philosopher gave to Jean Le Moyne in 1968.

L’autre – Marc-André Cossette (student member)

Development of an automated music composition module using unsupervised machine learning leading to the creation of a compositional work based on autonomous machine behaviors.

The CMMAS Center residency will take place from May 6 to 21, 2018 and the sound works from the two Hexagram members will be available on the Hexagram network podcasts.

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