I/O [Input/Output] Symposium

Hexagram is proud to sponsor the I/O [Input/Output] Symposium

November 25th 2016 9AM to 5PM

I/O [Input/Output] Symposium, a student member’s initiative organized with the support of the TAG Research Centre, the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology and the Mlab..

The I/O [Input/Output] Symposium took place at Concordia University on November 25th, 2016. Setting it’s attention upon computational subcultures and their communal, political economic and material conditions, the Symposium featured panel discussions, workshops, performances, an exhibition and a keynote lecture by Anders Carlsson, aka Goto80. The mandate of the Symposium is to facilitate a critical and accessible dialogue between emerging scholars, practitioners and larger publics.

For more information: [I/O] Symposium Website

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