Sophie Cabot – Tresser les voix, tresser le temps (Weaving Voices)

On September 25, Sophie Cabot, a student member of the Hexagram network, launched her website: Tresser les voix (Weaving Voices), which includes her experiments carried out as part of her doctorate in research-creation, directed by Andrée Martin.

Motivated by a relational movement towards others and nature, the territory, the project Tresser les voix began with a solo artistic walk, in September 2019. Sophie Cabot walked along the Gaspé coast, more precisely between Rivière-au-Renard and Carleton-sur-Mer, 300 kilometers in 28 days. On her way she met people and they shared their stories. These stories of the coastline are revealed on her website.

Her research-creation aims to study walking as a vector of creation, through the observation of her processual creation : le tresser les voix, tresser le temps and how to transmit this form of contextual, sympoietic and furtive experience, not only by documenting it but by offering it as a small group experience also.

Several artistic group walks (8 people) were organized during the month of October in the Verdun district, on the shores of the St. Laurent. The stories were to be shared during a collective listening session with a loudspeaker broadcasting at 360 degrees. It was also possible to bring your phone and headphones for individual listening. Unfortunately, given the current situation of the pandemic, these 2:30 (+or-) hour exploratory walks were postponed to an uncertain date. In the meantime, we invite you to discover Sophie Cabot’s research-creation: Tresser les voix, tresser le temps: une marche artistique de longue durée et de longue distance en Gaspésie on her website below.

Tresser les voix, tresser le temps.


*Please excuse us, a mistake made its way into the bulletin of the 15th of October about this article. The director of this research-creation is Andrée Martin, not André Martin, we are truly sorry about this error.*

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