Symposium Research as Practice

North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership

On January 23 2015, Co-Directors Chris Salter and Gisèle Trudel will present the Hexagram Network and their own individual research at the Research as Practice Symposium. This event will be a post-graduate training day held at MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University that will explore a range of approaches to practice as research from practitioners and students in the Visual Arts, Music, Performing Drama, Dance and Performing Arts pathways of the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP).

Participants for Practice as Research symposium
Music Pathway: Tom Prescott and Rajmil Fischman
Dance, Drama, Performing Arts pathway: Katherine Morley and Stephen Bottoms
Visual Arts pathway : Toby Heys, Robert Saucier and Lewis Sykes
Hexagram: Gisèle Trudel and Chris Salter

Responses to the day’s proceedings will come from Valentino Catricala of Rome’s Fondazione Mondo Digitale amongst others.

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