Amorphogenesis, an installation by Jaime del Val

International Metabody Forum, Montreal – April 11-15, 2015

Concordia University – Senselab – Hexagram – Urban spaces

Metabody is a European project that attempts to redefine the body in Media in less reductionist ways than is usual in current information technologies, thus counteracting technology’s increasing tendency to dampen differences by reducing bodies and movements to prescribed forms in current surveillance culture. Metabody proposes a reversal of cybernetics that highlights the indeterminacy of embodied expressions as a key factor for a sustainable society. This foregrounds the need for a new ethics, which we may call metamedia and biomedia ethics.


Antiplatonic Cave – Zarathustrian Cave / Anaximandrian Cave
April 11-15th, 7-10pm (April 14th, 4-7pm)
Hexagram – Black Box
1515 Sainte Catherine St. West EV OS3-845/855.

Amorphogenesis is an instrument and installation for digital interactive/intra-active architecture in which the movement of bodies transforms amorphous digital meshes in neverending emergence. Amorphogensis is also a philosophical concept by Jaime del Val that points to an account of movement as not subjected to form nor poiting to it. The ongoing emergence of the amorphous is thus a new perceptual condition. The spaces generated in Amorphogenesis are not cartesian spaces that one can navigate, they are not a res extensa. They are intensive spaces hat emerge with the movement. The architectures are part of an expanded metabody of the intra-acting body. The subject interacting is not in control of the meshes, no manual correlation is established. There is no representation of known spaces. Rather, there is a process of decentralized co-constitution in which perception itself is emerging: a metaformance, in which the interactor experiences the emergence of new kinds of perception, space-time, movement and ecological relation with an environment which is not preformed, nor subjected in its emergence to optimisation strategies: a machine for opening up perception to indeterminacy, an antiplatonic cave, a Zarathustrian-Anaximandrian cave in which there is no realm of representation. A world of becoming.

Produced by Reverso – in collaboration with Dtr-lab and Hyperbody – TUDelft
With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU
This project is part of METABODY, a 5 years european project coordinated by Reverso and Jaime del Val

Conception, visuals and sound: Jaime del Val
Physical Structure: Jaime del Val and Cristian Garcia
Projection system: Dieter Vandoren
Computer Programming: Dieter vandoren
Digital meshes: Jia Rey Chang

Reversing Cybernetics, Queering Control – Media, Embodiment and the Politics of Indeterminacy.

April 13th and 15th – 2-5pm
Seminar with the Senselab
Concordia University 1250 Guy street (Faubourg building) – Room 630

The workshop will focus on experimentation with perception, movement, spatial and bodily affordances for researching into the way interfaces capture and reduce movement to traceable discreet units, proposing an ontological critique of control society from the perspective of a philosophy of movement. At the same time the workshop will propose to reinvent the affordances of the interface by involving bodily motion in non-reductive ways that foreground the indeterminacy and unquantifiability of movement as experienced through proprioception and other sensing modalities, thus exceeding the rationalistic visual paradigm of Renaissance perspective that pervades current control technologies.

1st session – embodied readings

Gilles Deleuze, “Postscript on Societies of Control,” Negotiations, pages 177-182
Maurizio Lazzarato, “Signifying Semiotics and Asignifying Semiotics in Production and the Production of Subjectivity,” Signs and Machines, pages 55-94

**please read before arriving for the seminar and have them on hand at the seminar
** contact for link to the texts

2nd session – physical thinking-praxis – indoors and outdoors improvisations

Disalignments – Metakinesphere/Metatents.
Bring your own pop-up tents for a collective performance-workshop.


Metaformance in a home space
April 14th – 8-10pm
Information and requests to
Reverso: Jaime del Val – JaiVal


Urban performance/metaformance
> April 14th – 10:30pm in urban space to be announced
Information and requests to
Reverso: Jaime del Val & Cristian García

Event initiated by Brian Massumi

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