Art in the Age of Machine Learning, by Sofian Audry

Art in the age of machine learning

An examination of machine learning art and its practice in new media art and music.

Over the past decade, an artistic movement has emerged that draws on machine learning as both inspiration and medium. In this book, transdisciplinary artist-researcher Sofian Audry [Co-director of Hexagram, UQAM] examines artistic practices at the intersection of machine learning and new media art, providing conceptual tools and historical perspectives for new media artists, musicians, composers, writers, curators, and theorists. Audry looks at works from a broad range of practices, including new media installation, robotic art, visual art, electronic music and sound, and electronic literature, connecting machine learning art to such earlier artistic practices as cybernetics art, artificial life art, and evolutionary art.

This book was published in 2021 by the MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learn more

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