BIOMETRICS: Mediating Bodies edited by Aleksandra Kaminska

Aleksandra Kaminska, Hexagram member (Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal) and David Grondin (Associate Professor, Université de Montréal) co-edited the magazine PUBLIC 60 – Biometrics: Mediating Bodies which maps out some of the ways that bodies have been measured and identified based on biometrics ever since the rise of media technologies, from nineteenth century anthropometry to modern day computational science.

The contributions are organized around five conversations—Histories of Measurement; Politics and Governance; Aesthetics; Narratives and Experiences; and Design—that reflect the reach of biometrics today. On the one hand, they consider the quantified and objectified body as it becomes part of systems of identification and recognition, such as in contexts of security or surveillance. On the other, they highlight the new narratives, aesthetics, and experiential mediations of the body that surface in fields like health, cinema, media art, and curation.

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Cette publication est également disponible en : Français (French)