CivicBright: 3rd Seminar of the SYNCRETIC TRANSCODINGS Series

BrillanteCité-CivicBright, the third edition of Hexagram | CIAM’s SYNCRETIC TRANSCODINGS international seminar series, will reflect on urban creativity. It is presented in association with the Lumières de la ville symposium, organized by the 5th Toronto/Montreal/Lille Biennial.

The projects presented during the seminar focus on the force of urban citizens’ creative actions, both aesthetic and political. The seminar’s theme engages with the etymology of the word aesthetic, which signifies “sensibility, sensations”, by which “aesthetic acts generate new modes of sensing and give rise to new forms of political subjectivity…” (Rancière, Le partage du sensible, La Fabrique, 2000 [our translation]). Thus, creativity generates multiple opportunities for renewed aesthetic configurations as acts of emancipation.

The seminar discusses the “sensible” links created between people, places, and technologies, bringing together participants from Vancouver, Montreal, Buenos Aires, while connecting with Juba and Berlin. Specific situations, combined with a wide range of technological resources, open up a new distribution of the sensible, linking citizens’ creative media interventions and communities.


Stephen Kovats
André Éric Létourneau
Bernardo Piñero
Ana Rewakowicz
Kim Sawchuk
Jesse Scott


Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Jean-François Prost

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