Distinguished Speaker 6 – Lisa Moren

“Phenomena, Ecology and Technology”

Public Lecture + Reception
Friday, February 8, 2013

Like the magnetic head of a tape recorder reading a cassette tape, the viewer draws audio from a portrait to hear the anecdotes from citizens of former Eastern Europe remembering their Communist past in Lisa Moren’s project “Récord, recórd, recollection.” Moren will present several projects that intersect technologies, phenomena and compelling narratives, and range from fading prints, to the moment analog tv died, to pigments collected from polluted sites such as various urban waterways that feed into the Chesapeake Bay. Moren will talk about her production of marbleized papers from oil collected in the Gulf of Mexico during the BP Deep Water Horizon Rigs oil spill that devastated the region, and her latest work exploring a coded system of ecology and economy in the Australian outback.

“Ecology and Economy: The Outback Stock Exchange”

Thursday, February 7, 2013
4 – 5:30 pm

Lisa Moren will describe her work in progress “eLAND” that explores socio-techno and economic culture as coded within the Australian outback. Moren collected pigments in areas where pigments have been collected for thousands of year by the Dieri people, and she created coded etchings where the observer becomes part of a system larger than the prints that they are observing. Using GPS to display an interactive map of the originally mined location, and a live feed of the increased or decreased value of that pigment, this project looks at the interconnectedness of ecology and economy emphasized by the Dieri people of South Australia. This project is supported by Visual Art Centre of Bendigo, Victoria Australia; the Artist Research Network of LaTrobe University, Melbourne; Lukeworks Inc., and Pyramid Atlantic in Maryland.

Location of both events:
Hexagram Resource Centre, Concordia University, 1515 Saint Catherine St. W., Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex, Room 11.705,


Lisa Moren is an artist who has been making interactive installations, works on paper and public interventions for over 20 years. She has exhibited her work widely at American institutions including the Chelsea Art Museum and Cranbrook Art Museum and in many venues abroad such as Ars Electronica and Akademie der Kunste, and is currently working with the Artists Research Network, part of LaTrobe University in Melbourne Australia. She is a Fulbright Scholar and has received numerous awards including from the National Endowment for the Arts and multiple awards from both the Maryland State Arts Council and CEC Artslink International. Her writing has appeared in Performance Research, Visible Language, Inter Arts Actuel, and her own books on Intermedia and Issues in Contemporary Theory 16, distributed by D.A.P. for the exhibition she curated, “Command Z: Artists Working with Phenomena and Technology.” She is an Associate Professor of Visual Art, and lives in Baltimore with her husband and two children.

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