September 8 to 12, 2021

Hexagram’s 2021-2022 Interdisciplinary season programming on the theme EMERGENCE/Y will launch the week of September 8-12, in the framework of the 2021 edition of the Ars Electronica Festival. Hexagram will present a series of synchronous and asynchronous streaming-based events specifically curated and produced for the Festival. The events and projects were selected by an ad-hoc jury following a call which was open to Hexagram members. Over 50 co-investigator members, student members and Hexagram collaborators, as well as their own collaborators, will contribute their work, research and insightful live discussions to the four-day programme.

    • Wednesday Sept 8
      10AM – Pre-Recorded: Research-creation 01: CONNECTING MILIEUX + Hexagram Showcase // 1h30
      • 01. Bois eau métal
        Documentation of the MÉDIANE public art installation at Espace pour la vie, Jardin botanique, Montréal, July 2021. With Gisèle Trudel [co-investigator member, UQAM], Stephane Claude [collaborator member, Oboro].
      • 02. Reclaiming the Planet
        Participants : Maya Lamothe-Katrapani [Université Concordia], Alessia Zarzani [Université de Montréal], Orit Halpern [membre cochercheuse, Université Concordia], Jean-Denis Milette [Université de Montréal], Gabriel Payant [Université de Montréal], Marius Senneville [Université Concordia], Alessandra Ponte [Université de Montréal], Kim Laneuville [Université de Montréal], Adriana Menghi [Université de Montréal], Delphine Ducharme [Université de Montréal], Meryem Sekhri [Université de Montréal], Alexandre Asselin [Université de Montréal], Anna Paola Bossi [Université de Montréal], Baptiste Kauffmann [Université de Montréal], Millie-Ann Grenon [Université de Montréal], Rachel Ducharme [Université de Montréal], Charles Antoine Poulin [Université de Montréal], Fannie Hébert [Université de Montréal], Ikram Haffaf [Université de Montréal], Liliane Hamelin [Université de Montréal], Marie-Ève Fortier [Université de Montréal].
      • 03. Emerging landscapes and Possible Futures: Global Urban Wilds and Environmental Storytelling
        With Jill Didur [Concordia University] and Tony Higuchi [Hexagram student member, Concordia University].
      • 04. Short projects 3-minute video collection, 13 projects curated by Jean Dubois [co-investigator member, UQAM]:
        • Canada MÉDIANE research chair (2021) by AELab – Gisèle Trudel [co-investigator member, UQAM] and Stephane Claude [collaborator member, Oboro].
        • Fossilation (2021), by a collective composed of Brice Ammar-Khodja [student member, Concordia University], Alexandra Bachmayer [student member, Concordia University], Samuel Bianchini [collatorator member, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts décoratifs [Ensad, FR], Marie-Pier Boucher [collaborator member, Toronto University], Didier Bouchon [Ensad, FR], Maria Chekhanovich [student member, Concordia University], Matthew Halpenny [student member, Université de Montréal], Alice Jarry [co-investigator member, Concordia University], Raphaëlle Kerbrat [Ensad, FR], Annie Leuridan [Ensad, FR], Vanessa Mardirossian [student member, Concordia University], Asa Perlman [UQAM], Philippe Vandal [student member, Concordia University] and Lucile Vareilles [Ensad, FR].
        • Kalos eîdos skopeîn (2019) by Andrée Martin [co-investigator member, UQAM].
        • Le Circuit de Bachelard (2014) by Jean Dubois [co-investigator member, UQAM] and Ghyslain Gagnon [co-investigator member, ÉTS]
        • Laboratoire Mimesis de l’École NAD – UQAC presenting works by Louis-Philippe Rondeau [co-investigator member], Yan Breuleux [co-investigator member], and Ké Medley [student member]
        • Ensemble d’oscillateurs (2016) by Nicolas Bernier [co-investigator member, Université de Montréal]
        • Point d’origine (2019) by Nicolas Reeves [co-investigator member, UQAM] and David St-Onge [co-investigator member, ÉTS]
        • SENSEFACTORY (2019), collaborative artwork by Dietmar Lupfer [DE], Chris Salter [co-investigator member and co-director, Concordia University], Erik Adigard [FR/USA], Sofian Audry [co-investigator member and co-director, UQAM], FM Einheit [DE], Alexandre Saulnier [student member, Concordia University], Alex Schweder [USA] and Sissel Tolaas [NO/DE]
        • Xenolalia (2021), co-created by Sofian Audry [co-investigator member and co-director, UQAM] and Tez [IT/NL]
        • Project Compilation #1 with works by Estelle Schorpp [student member, Université de Montréal], Marc-André Cossette [student-member, Concordia University], Sandra Volny [student-member, UQAM]
        • Project Compilation #2 with works by Ahreum Lee [student member, Concordia University], Émilie Morin [student member, Concordia University], Erin Gee [student member, Université de Montréal]
        • Project Compilation #3 with works by Guillaume Pascal [student member, UQAM], Juliette Lusven [student member, UQAM], Max Boutin [student member, UQAM], Olivia Mc Gilchrist [student member, Concordia University]
        • Project Compilation #4 by members of the TAG center for research-création in technoculture, art and games at Concordia University, with projects by Enric Llagostera [student member], Jess Rowan Marcotte [student member], Steven Sych [student member], directed by Rilla Khaled [co-investigator member].

      1PM – Live: Workshop – Indigenous Protocols and Artificial Intelligence working group // 2h

      By Michelle Lee Brown [Washington State University], Suzanne Kite [student member, Concordia University], Ceyda Yolgormez [student member, Concordia University], Jason Edward Lewis [co-investigator, Concordia University].

    • Thursday Sept 9
      10AM – Live: Materiality Workshops // 2h
      • 01. Breath.am (Pre-recorded)
        By Brice Ammar-Khodja [student member, Concordia University – Ensad/Paris]
      • 02. Biological Textile Dyes (live)
        By Vanessa Mardirossian [student member, Concordia University]
      • 03. Microbial Fuel Cells (live)
        By Matthew Halpenny [student member, Concordia University]

      1PM – Live: Outer Space and the City: Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Urban Materialities of Outer Space Technology // 1h30

      Participants : Marie-Pier Boucher [collaborator member, University of Toronto], Alice Jarry [co-investigator, Concordia University], Emiliano Gandolfi [urbanist, independent curator], Bernard Foing [VU Amsterdam], Guillaume Pascale [student member, UQAM], Lee Wilkins [University of Toronto], Philippe Vandal [student member, Concordia University], Isabelle Boucher [student member, Concordia University].

    • Friday Sept 10
      • 01. S.O.S Telematic performance
        Participants : Gabrielle Couillard [student member, UQAM], Kasey Pocius [McGill University], Mario H Valencia [designer, engineer, researcher, CO], Oscar “”Tata”” Ceballos [Music composer, CO].
      • 02. Discussion Panel on Climate/Behaviour Change
        Participants : Leah Barclay [University of the Sunshine Coast, AU], Ricardo Dal Farra [ co-investigator, Concordia University], Rob La Frenais [contemporary art curator, UK/FR], Felipe Londoño [member collaborator, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, CO], Roger Malina [University of Dallas, US], Pablo Suarez [Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, US].

      11AM – Live:KEYNOTE EVENT // 1 hour

      Discussion with Chris Salter [co-investigator and co-director, Concordia University], David Rokeby [BMO Lab, University of Toronto] & Angelique Willkie [co-investigator, Concordia University]

      1PM – Pre-Recorded: Research-creation 02 MACHINE RELATIONS + REC Discussion // 1h45
      • 01. Chronogenica, portrait of human-machine co-operating system
        By Joseph Thibodeau [student member, Concordia University]
      • 02. Poetics of Otherness, aestheticization of dynamic autonomous processes
        By Marc-André Cossette [student member, Concordia University], Alexandre Saunier [student member, Concordia University]
      • 03. Harvesting Signs in Post-Semiocapitalism
        By Ceyda Yolgormez [student member, Concordia University], Evan Hile [Concordia University] and David Jhave Johnston [artist]
      • 04. Podcast on Research-creation (semi-living and artificial life)
        With Ionat Zurr [member collaborator, University of Western Australia, AU] and Sofian Audry [co-investigator, UQAM]; Podcast production by Cynthia Noury [student member, UQAM], Paloma Leyton [student member, UQAM], Gaelle Scali [student member, UQAM].
    • Saturday Sept 11
      8AM – Pre-recorded: Research-creation 03 IMMERSION & INTERACTION + SCALABILITÉ (Audio-Visual work) // 1h30
      • 01. Umwelten typography by Puneet Jain [student member, Concordia University]
      • 02. GAMERella by Gina Hara [Concordia University] and Rilla Khaled [co-investigator, Concordia University]
      • 03. CLOUD BODIES by Allison Moore [student member, Concordia University]
      • 04. SCALABILITÉ by Gaëlle Scali [student member, UQAM], Gabrielle Couillard [student member, UQAM], Atypix [computer engineer, FR] and Ludovic Amaru [computer developer], FR.

      1PM – Live:Beyond human art: creation and the posthuman // 1h30

      Round table on human and non-human creation with Sofian Audry [co-investigator, UQAM], Edwige Armand [Institut National Polytechnique, FR], Gisèle Trudel [co-investigator, UQAM], Navid Navab [student member, Concordia University], Danny Perreault [student member, UQAM].

Project Manager: Marc-André Cossette
Programming coordinator: Isabelle Boucher
Communications: Marine Theunissen (Hexagram) and Stephanie Creaghan (Milieux Institute)
Contact: Manuelle Freire, General Coordinator – Hexagram

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