Future events

Future events

All the activities part of Hexagram’s program

The activities of the Hexagram network aim to stimulate collaborations between the members. They are initiated by a group comprising at least two co-applicant members and allow the initiating groups to create a situation of exchange and collaboration with other regular members, students or collaborators as well as with local and international non-member researchers.

The Hexagram network supports projects in various forms. The more classical forms of academic activities such as conferences, symposium and artist residencies are well represented in the programming and constitute a way of sharing knowledge with academic researchers as well as pulic in general . In a more direct approach, the Hexagram network also supports various workshops to disseminate creative process and techniques in new media and technological arts.

Through its association with Leonardo / The International Society for the Arts, Science and Technology (Leonardo / ISAST), the Hexagram network organizes L.A.S.E.R. Hexagram-Montreal (Leonardo Art and Science Evening Meeting). The network also assists member research groups to leave the Quebec university environment in order to disseminate the knowledge and innovations generated by research and creation in local and international venues through a series of activities called HEXA_OUT . All activities contribute to Hexagram network’s mission.

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