Research groups & laboratories

Research groups & laboratories

Hexagram members are responsible for various research laboratories

With Hexagram’s state of the art technological research-creation infrastructure in place at both Concordia and UQAM, researchers in both founding universities have been able to concentrate their efforts in developing governance and programmatic parity while continuing to focus on maintaining their creative / critical edge in their own praxes, advancing their collaborative efforts with UdM and ETS locally as well as with multiple international individual and institutional partners, and expanding the network to include new initiatives with McGill and UQAC. The range of disciplines and practices is vast; core members are trained and active in studio arts, studio arts, design, theater, music, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, humanities, media studies, art history, engineering, computer science, and biology.

This diversity is particularly significant given the imperative to engage a critical interdisciplinarity in order to understand and address the complexities of contemporary experience and current trends within technological culture. Hexagram standard of excellence is due both to the quality of individuals implicated in the network and the deliberately adaptive structure that has been put into place allowing Hexagram to renew itself over a 12-year period and thus staying responsive to growing interdisciplinary imperatives while being proactive in defining the field through an articulation of critical research axes, innovative methodologies, meritorious training programs, and an outstanding record of artistic and scholarly dissemination and transfer.

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  • Université du Québec à Montréal

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  • Concordia University

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  • McGill University

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  • Université de Montréal

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