Governance, structures and reports

Governance, structures and reports

Information on Hexagram network governance


In keeping with its ethos of collaboration, Hexagram has two directors, one from each antenna. The co-directorship is responsible for the general direction of the network, programming and communications in the research axes, networking with partners, supervising and managing research and personnel, research, finance and media relations strategies, resources for the transfer of knowledge, creating impact and maximizing the value of the network.

Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting of the members takes place once a year. It is at this point that members of the Executive Board and various committees are elected.

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting (French only)
Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting EN
Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting EN
Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting FR/EN
Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting FR/EN