HEXA_OUT 5 – The Senses

Hexagram | CIAM is pleased to collaborate with Hexagram-Concordia’s Distinguished Speaker Series and the Conversations in Contemporary Art Series (Concordia University MFA Studio Arts) in welcoming internationally known smell artist and “professional in-betweener” Sissel Tolaas.

What could happen when invisible information – such as smell molecules – is the starting point of acting, reacting and communicating? Smells are a very crucial component in the definition, understanding of and orientation to an environment. Smells surround us all the time. We breathe 23,040 times a day and move 12.5 cubic meters of air and with every breath smell molecules flood through our bodies. Even when we sleep we smell. Historical, sociological and religious reasons have pulled the contemporary human being into almost ignoring more than 1 % of his genes, and only education can revive these hidden capacities, since the hardware and software still function in the healthy human being, but only if consciously trained and used. There is a whole world to educate and a whole world to smell.

HEXA_OUT 5 The Senses

Sissel Tolaas and Hexagram | CIAM’s researchers
Jean Décarie (UQAM)
François-Joseph Lapointe (Université de Montréal)
Erin Manning (Université Concordia)
Modérateur : David Howes (Université Concordia)





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