HEXA_OUT 6 Convergence d’échelles

In collaboration with the Gare numérique and in keeping with the theme of the 2014 VIA festival (Micro-Macro), this 6th edition of HEXA_OUT focuses on a convergence of scales, how geometric forms resolve themselves through cultural diversity as well as renewed relationships between objects and physical space.

Alain Paiement performs his investigations by combining urban landscape with the immateriality of architectural experience. Tessellation sans fin (2013), a work of art integrated into architecture, is composed of two murals: an intricate tiling on isometric cubes on (or in) which ornamental motifs from different cultures and sources are

Martin Racine’s current research, ADN, la vie future des objets, offers a prospective scenario rooted in the world of design. The project includes a manifesto for a new mode of interaction with artifacts from a sustainable development perspective, and a series of prototypes establishing a parallel between artificial and living worlds.


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