Hexagram at Touchdesigner Summit 2019

The 2019 edition of the Touchdesigner Summit ended just a few weeks ago. Hexagram is proud to have hosted this international event and to be part of the Touchdesigner community. Two Hexagram members also presented workshop and talks at the event, positionning the network as a key player in developping and sharing knowledge around this important tool for audio / visual creation.

Key Concepts for Dynamic Content Creation in TouchDesigner by Jean François Renaud

This workshop introduces participants to strategies that can be applied to TouchDesigner when authoring responsive systems and dynamic content. Participants will learn how to leverage Python members and expressions available to operators such as me.digits, n.numSamples, or me.inputPoint.index. Additional workflow tips will be provided in order to help developers better organize their programs and ensure the optimal use of inputs and properties that change in real time. The flexibility and modularity benefits of a dynamic approach will be outlined and contrasted against static content where manual changes are required to implement new conditions.

Case Studies of FullDome Storytelling Projects, a talk by Yan Breuleux and Remi Lapierre

This presentation will address the challenge of creating real-time content while using particle tools for fulldome display formats. The discussion will focus largely on the technical aspects of three research-creation projects created at the Société des Arts Technologiques in Montreal: Enigma (2017-2019), Les Planètes (2018) and Illumination Frankenstein (2019), which were made in collaboration with the creative programmer Rémi Lapierre and music composers, Alain Thibault and Walter Boudreau.

Specifically, Breuleux will discuss a variety of methods for environmental storytelling, will explain how to synchronize music and visuals, and will go into detail describing the field of A/V performance. He will also discuss his experience working collaboratively to design performance tools and will highlight the expressive potential of TouchDesigner.

Resources, documentation and video from the workshops will be available shortly on Derivative website. To learn more about Touchdesigner Coding visit this section of Derivative Website

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