Olivia McGilchrist – Myra & x-cosmos-x

Hexagram Network student member Olivia McGilchrist participates in two virtual events. PhD student at Concordia, multimedia artist and educator, she addresses issues of identity and incarnation through virtual reality and video installation. She will participate in a discussion with Black Quantum Futurism and Marilou Craft on June 18 as part of the virtual exhibition of her work X-Cosmos-X at Studio XX, she also participates in VRHAM.


X-cosmos-X looks at water and submersion through screen-based technologies, stimulating a contemplative and immersive experience. Inspired by Barbadian writer and poet Kamau Brathwaite’s notions of ‘tidalectics’ and ‘Caribbean cosmos’, McGilchrist layers videos and 3D water shaders to create fluid and experimental virtual underwater environments which include non-Western spaces. X-cosmos-X is part of a larger research project exploring how Virtual Reality (VR), screen-based, and multi-media installations can trouble postcolonial identities through hybrid representations of human and non-human bodies.

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She is also participating in VRHAM’s virtual festival that started on the 4th of June. She’s showing her piece: Myra.

In MYRa, we are invited to witness the totality of a spherical watery world by being given a double insight: the exterior view of the seams and peripheries of the image and the experience of being thrust into its regenerative interior. This project is centered around the tension occurring between the physicality of bodies and their virtual representations, through VR and video installation. It features the artists body in dialogue with several bodies of water (ocean, lake, river), whilst exploring the absence of a deceased friend.

See Olivia McGilchrist’s work

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