Résonances manifestes

The Devenir-ensemble – a new assemblage in experimental music initiated by Hubert Gendron-Blais – will perform “Résonances manifestes”, a piece composed from ambient sounds from various recent demonstrations in Montreal. The concert, supported by the Matralab, will happen February 18 at Sala Rossa, part of the off-season series of the Suoni per il popolo festival.

“Résonances manifestes” is a comprovised piece based on a sonic score composed of field recordings from various demonstrations that shook the streets of Montreal in the past years. The project is the musical expression of a process of research-creation – at the confluence of music, philosophy and politics – aiming to understand how sound and music contribute to the formation of affective communities, these intensive communities that doesn’t rely on pre-established identities or shared interests, but which occur like something that circulates between the beings.

The piece will be interpreted by the Devenir-ensemble, an assemblage of ten musicians from Montreal who will improvise from the audio score not to represent the ambiance of these demonstrations to the public, but rather to make feel this subtle mix of passion and uncertainty that characterizes the affective intensity of these singular moments. The ensemble is composed of members of Bolduc tout croche, – ce qui nous traverse -, Collectif Myriade, Darkwinds, David and the Mountain, Ensemble AKA, The Mighty River, New Apple Taste and Oktopus. https://soundcloud.com/devenir-ensemble

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