Syncretic Transcodings 4 – Edging Over & Into Something Else

Hexagram|CIAM is pleased to present Edging Over & Into Something Else, the 4th edition of our international seminar series Syncretic Transcodings, with academics, artists, and members of the research centre participating. The seminar’s objective is to reflect on the transformational events at the limits of materiality, whether physical, residual, biological or electronic. The seminar is held on May 7th, 2014 at the Phi Centre, in collaboration with the second edition of the Biennale internationale d’art numérique/International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN).

Unprecedented changes are taking place at the limits of materiality, through the diverse relations that bind non-humans, technology, humans and natures. Connections are happening at the boundaries of art, feminist perspectives, sociology and in analyses of the environmental impact of the digital, which provoke pluralistic conditions for a differential emergence of materiality in a network of distributed agency. How does matter “eventualize” when processes encompass working with the paradoxical life of viruses and the harvest of mushrooms (Bardini), defunct electronics (Dallett), relations between people, pollution and urban space (Hansen), feminine corporeality (Lynes), media archaelogy and geology (Parikka), physical, liquid and atmospheric residues (Trudel) and nuclear power as existential crisis of real and imaginary worlds (Wüst)?

Participants in this seminar will trace a cartography of inquiry into the fascinating transitional capacities of networked materiality. Impossible to predict or know beforehand, valences emerge in rhythmic distribution, changing as they collide, as liable to collapse as to transform themselves entirely.

With :

Thierry Bardini – Université de Montréal
Tim Dallett – artist, Montréal
Heiko Hansen – artist, Paris
Krista Geneviève Lynes – Concordia University
Jussi Parikka – University of Southampton, UK
Gisèle Trudel – UQAM
Florian Wüst – artist and independent film curator, Berlin

Moderator: Nina Czegledy – Independent curator and Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto

Photo & Video documentation

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