Workshop 6 – Artistic Potentials of 3D Stereoscopic Technologies

Workshop led by Hexagram Students Zoe Bacchus, Anna Hawkins, Audrey-Maude McDuff, and David Seitz

April 5 and 6, 2014
10am to 4pm

This interdisciplinary two-day workshop converges multiple media – drawing, video, performance and sculpture – through the use of SANDDE (Stereoscopic Animation Drawing Device). The SANDDE software allows the user to work in the stereoscopic environment itself to create drawings and animations in space. The program uses a motion-tracking device (such as an optical or magnetic wand or a Microsoft Kinect) to trace your movement and gesture in real time.

Led by new media artists and researchers who work with video, sound, installation and performance, often in collaboration with computer programmers, the workshop intends to go beyond the use of 3D as a hyper-real experience, instead questioning the ability of 3D to transcribe reality and our presence in it. SANDDE attempts to make the intangible tangible – gesture and space become visible, and video can become a 3D object. Of course, this is simply an illusion, and it is this illusion that is of interest here.

The workshop is intended to open a dialogue with participants and to allow them to experience the program and technology for themselves. During this workshop, participants will be given the chance to experiment with SANDDE to create 3D Wiggle Gifs and interact with the drawing environment using body tracking devices like the Razor Hydra magnetic motion sensing device and the Microsoft Kinect infra-red camera motion tracker.

Open to anyone with an interest in interactivity, drawing, sculpture, performance or video. No prior experience necessary with 3D.

Located in the Hexagram Video Production Room
1515 Saint Catherine Street W. EV Building, 10.760, Montreal, QC
Registration fee: $20.00
Seats limited for workshop, please RSVP.

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