Words & [ ]

Words & [ ] – A durational conference of Art and thought – May 6-8, 2016

The School of Making Thinking presents Words & [ ] — a Durational Conference of Art & Thought a 56-hour (French/English bilingual) event to take place at The Darling Foundry May 6 – 8 2016, featuring round-the-clock live programming of 100 interdisciplinary performative presentations. We encourage both presenters and audience to play with their durational limits of thinking, making, dreaming, conversing, feasting and living as we together build an ephemeral philosophical community which vibrantly intermingles art and thought, and dissolves the barriers between individuals, disciplines, methods, and cultures. Our conference asks: What kinds of work might emerge when we enter creative overload together? What new pathways of care might be opened within this methodological breakdown?

Presentations cover a wide range of topics related to how words, not-words and quasi-words rub up with and against the intuitive, the sensuous and the embodied. As this theme cuts across art and thought, so too will our conference feature a diverse array of platforms that push-up against the word-centric methodologies of traditional conferences. These platforms will include: performative lectures, talks, structured conversations, short theater pieces, interactive workshops, installation pieces, durational performance art, guided walks, constructed situations, dreaming workshops, relational art, dance, and musical performances.

Please visit www.smtconference.com for more information and registration.

Event initiated by Aaron FinbloomThe School of Making Thinking


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