DEMO28 Richy Srirachanikorn – Lost/Again

February 2023



Deadline: January 16, 2023.

How often do you use digital tools to go back and forth in time? Is it only you who is nostalgic, or is it also the machines that help you get there? What does this NOSTALGIA mean for us, digital society, and the world? Following Svetlana Boym (2001), creative nostalgia is an engagement with the past that reveals personal desires about those which could have been. Together as artists, students, faculty, and professionals, we would like to explore how our work on nostalgia can synergize into a tangible framework for practicing an inclusive, educational, and socially responsible nostalgia. Only when individuals come together with creative nostalgia can the future be born, remarks Boym. In order to birth this together, you are invited to this unique symposium on February 4th at Concordia University. Applications are now open for panels and workshops until January 16th, 2023. Please visit our website for more information.

The “NOSTAGAIN” 2022-23 team is Richy Srirachanikorn, Leonardo Morales, Rowena Chodkowski, Po Ki Chan, M Shahrom Ali, Derek Pasborg, Annie Harrisson, and Alex Custodio.

Activities held during this symposium are supported by the Hexagram Network and will be featured as part of this DEMO.